Sophie-Birgitt Debuf, the visionary artistic director behind Sophie Birgitt, has created the concept of a sharply geometric series of designs inspired by the urban surroundings of Hong Kong. She explores contrasting elements in her collection “Angles”, pairing structured, strong, geometrical shapes with vivid diamonds producing effortless beauty. The designer collection features architecturally inspired rings and earrings that are contemporary and structural yet incredibly sensual. 

Constant inspiration is drawn from her eclectic urban lifestyle, which is reflected in each piece. The designer mixes strong-and-edgy with delicate-and-feminine aesthetics by playing these contrasts against one another. Merging the equilibrium of geometry with seductive allure. The woman who wears Sophie Birgitt is in search of luxurious, unique audacious pieces of jewellery that embrace simplicity and sophistication yet maintain their sense of timelessness.

With an upbringing and personal experience in the best traditions of Northern European design, Sophie Birgitt possesses an innate aesthetic and an uncompromising design point of view, which is elegant, stark, spare and minimalist. Sophie Birgitt is the 4th generation designer of a Belgian family steeped in modern design history. She has lived in Belgium, Rome, Paris, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong and is currently living in London.

Each piece of jewellery is an original work of art handmade in Sophie Birgitt’s atelier and crafted from precious metals such as 18 karat yellow, white and rose gold and metal gun black rhodium. The exquisite collection tows the line between fashion and fine wearable art.