Every individual design by Sophie Birgitt is unique and exquisite.

Each is handmade and crafted to perfection with the utmost care, expertise and dedication. Sophie Birgitt never compromises the integrity of craftsmanship, spending time to develop original and luxurious silhouettes. The immense gratitude of working with these noble materials, the sensuous touch of ancient craftsmanship and the unique soul of every artefact are embedded in every piece of jewellery. The elements, both known and unknown, conceived during the creative process, evolve in to a piece of art; a character-driven masterpiece infused with love and passion.


Sophie Birgitt’s respect for nature and our planet translates in a responsible sourcing process that is straightforward, eliminating as many pollutants as possible and choosing sustainable raw materials. This philosophy allows ethics to meet aesthetics, ensuring the emotional value of each piece of jewellery is supported by a transparent and ethical supply chain.  Sophie Birgitt is a company registered with the Fairtrade Goldsmith’s Scheme. Clients are offered the option between having their jewellery made in recycled gold or selecting Fairtrade or Eco Fairtrade gold which offers a lifeline to economically disadvantaged miners and their communities ensuring a Fairtrade minimum price, abolishing child labour, safe working conditions and the responsible use of chemicals during the extraction process.